What Can You Do With An Occupational Therapy Degree

Occupational Therapist Assistant Salary. The salary level of occupational therapist assistants can vary based on factors such as their level of experience, their level of education, where they work, the specific responsibilities of their job, and many others.

Occupational therapy is an exciting and varied career. It offers you the chance to make a difference, a high degree of flexibility and excellent employment prospects.

Occupational Therapist Assistant Salary. The salary level of occupational therapist assistants can vary based on factors such as their level of experience, their level of education, where they work, the specific responsibilities of their job, and many others.

An occupational psychologist can play a vital role in everything from recruiting the most suitable employees to helping organizations develop insight into how to motivate employees. Both companies and employees often benefit from the assistance of an occupational psychologist.

what can you do with a degree in occupational therapy/physical therapy? Again, because many programs in these areas are offered at the graduate level, you may spend the greater part of your undergraduate years keeping your grades up and taking prerequisites in order to earn admission to the occupational therapy or physical therapy program of your choice.

Minimum Degree: All you need to become a certified occupational therapy assistant is an associate’s degree. Two years of hard work at an accredited OT assistant school and you could be well on your way to starting a new career.

An occupational therapy assistant can work in any number of capacities that result in home visits. In fact, OTAs can do great work in a home-care setting because home is where many patients spend a great deal of time and feel most comfortable.

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You will need an associate degree from an occupational therapy assistant program at a community college or technical school program. It must be accredited by ACOTE. Find a list of them on the It must be accredited by ACOTE.

An occupational therapy assistant needs an associate’s degree from an accredited therapy assistant program. You can find these on the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) website. These OTA programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council.

Both physical and occupational therapy careers can be rewarding. While physical therapists assist patients in regaining mobility after illness or injury, occupational therapists assist patients with a wide range of disorders to perform basic daily tasks or become more independent.

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If you do not want to go through the NHS or local authority, you can contact an occupational therapist directly. The British Association of Occupational Therapy (BAOT) are the professional body for occupational therapists and work in a wide range of areas across the UK.

If you do not plan on continuing your education to become an occupational therapist, and prefer to remain an occupational therapist assistant, you may apply to take the NBCOT exam (see Step 3). After earning an associate’s degree and becoming an occupational therapy assistant, you must enter a bachelor’s degree or combined bachelor/master’s degree program.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Associate Degrees. Students involved in an associate degree program in occupational therapy assistance will learn about the physical, psychological, and social needs of individuals and how to aid them in rebuilding their overall health.

What Can You Do With a College Degree in Occupational Safety and Health? You may be surprised to know how many potential hazards exist in the average workplace. The first potential dangers that come to mind may involve machinery without proper safety guards, or industrial kitchens with substandard levels of cleanliness.

But this figure accounts for all practitioners, regardless of degree. A survey by Advance Healthcare Network provides a better idea of what advanced degrees can do for earnings. In 2011, occupational therapists with a bachelor’s degree in the field averaged $73,271 a year, while those with entry-level master’s degrees earned nearly 10 percent less, at an average of $66,690. With doctoral degrees,